About Us

We are an architectural company specialising in residential unit development designs located in Glenroy Melbourne.

Our director and principal architect Berna Akay has been in the architectural industry since 1997 and with a family history in property development, she has focused the business towards servicing the needs of property developers.

How we can help?

Whether it’s your first property development or you’re an experienced property developer, we provide you with all the information you need to help you make the right decisions.

We will discuss the options, the risks and the solutions for every aspect of the project and we will guide you through the red tape to ensure you achieve the results you want.

With over 15 years of experience delivering excellent results to our clients repeatedly and maintaining a 100% success rate in achieving planning permits, you can be sure to know that you are working with a professional architectural company that can deliver your property development goals.


One Stop Shop for all your Planning & Permit needs

As an architectural company, we pride ourselves with providing you with the services and expertise you require to help you get your development off the ground by guiding you through the development process and helping you obtain all the necessary permits and approvals.

Feasibility Assessment

If you are looking at purchasing a block of land or you already own a property but don't know what you can build on it, we can provide a comprehensive Feasibility Assessment which looks into how many units you can build, the potential size of each unit and how many bedrooms each unit will have. This information will allow you to assess the options for your property.

Architectural Design

Our architectural designed multi-unit residential developments are always designed with function in mind. The layout of the dwellings make efficient use of the available space yet provide privacy and functionality to ensure they are highly desirable for any home buyer.

Town Planning Services

All of the deciding factors contributing to an architectural design solution is carefully crafted in a Town Planning Report, neighbourhood character plan, design response plan and streetscape elevation which demonstrates to council how the proposal meets their objectives.

Landscape Plans

Our Landscape Plans are created to compliment the proposed design and help integrate the development into the existing neighbourhood while also ensuring any Water Sensitive Urban Design features are incorporated into the development from the start of the design phase.

Sustainable Design Assessment

Many councils within Melbourne now require Environmentally Sustainable Design Assessments to be submitted as part of the application. Our assessment ensures that developments utilise design principles and strategies to help reduce the environmental impact of the buildings.

Thermal Performance Assessments

Every new residential building designed in Australia requires a Thermal Performance Assessment under current legislation to measure the thermal performance of a proposed dwelling. Our assessments test alternative solutions for best performance providing you with the most economical methods available.

Working Drawings

Working drawings are essentially the documents used by the builders to quote and build your project. Our detailed set of documentation involves co-ordinating with engineering drawings and services which help reduce on site variations.

Project Management

The overall process of obtaining your plans and permits can be a complicated process. We provide a professional service which helps eliminate this headache by co-ordinating our work with the necessary external consultant, applying for build over easement consents and preparing the documents required to be submitted to a building surveyor for a building permit.

Why Choose Us

Does your designer tick all the boxes

"Creative thinking, attention to detail and functional performance underpin everything an architect does."

(source: Australian Institute of Architects)

We treat your Project like it's Our Project

We treat every project like it's our own. How would we want it to be designed? What is the best way to make these spaces work? Is this the most functional and efficient use of this space? We also look at which type of development would suit this market? What is the market actually looking for? It's not always about getting the maximum number of units on a site. Sometimes there's a higher demand and greater profit for larger units or single storey dwellings. We encourage you to seek the advice of builders and real estate agents early in the design phase of the project to make sure everything add up.

Maximising a Sites Potential

The core value of all designers specialising in unit developments is a focus on maximising a sites potential but we take this one step further. Not only do we put ourselves in the developer’s shoes and maximise the sites potential, we passionately fight for your development outcome having true confidence that what we have designed not only meets the council’s objectives but is also an appropriate design outcome for its context.

We pride ourselves on the fact that in the past 10 years since we have been operating, we have achieved a 100% success rate in planning permit approvals that match the initial feasibility offered to our clients at the beginning of the project which is what gives our clients confidence in our services.

Functional Design

In an already competitive real estate market, your development needs to stand out from the crowd and be valued by the home buyer. Everything is designed with a specific purpose to help give the house a WOW factor making it a home they can love and cherish which inevitably increases the value of your return.

Our architectural designs are motivated by the desires of home buyers and our design values have a strong focus on functional design, spaciousness with an effortless flow of movement, privacy of amenities from core living areas and a clutter free environment with sophisticated storage spaces and solutions.

Minimising the cost of construction

Attention to construction detail is required right from the start of the design process. Our in depth construction knowledge of engineering solutions, building materials and methods of construction allows us to create architectural design solutions that are not only cost effective but also time efficient in the construction process.

Value for money

Since we specialise in one type of architecture, over the years we have been able to streamline many of the process involved in the delivery of the unit development projects. This has given us a unique opportunity to pass the savings onto you where we provide architectural services without the architect’s price tag.

Personalised Service

Throughout the entire project, you will deal with the architect and won’t be handballed to a less qualified designer like they do in larger offices. In addition to this, since we value your time, we are available to meet after business hours and weekends tailoring our business to meet your needs.

Working with an Architect

Working with an Architect is different to working with a Building Designer. Architects are required to complete a five year university degree and undergo an extensive registration process in order for them to register as an ‘architect’. Not only does this build character and confidence, it also demonstrates we don’t take short cuts and we are prepared to put in the hard yards for the benefit of our clients.

Contact Information

181 Wheatsheaf Road
Glenroy, VIC 3046