Are you looking for an architect that can help you

  • Maximise the potential of your property
  • Build functional yet efficient designs
  • Navigate a stress free town planning process
  • Create a more sustainable future

Well you've come to the right place.

We're an architectural company helping property developers by designing multi unit developments that support and enhance the lives of the people living in them. Townhouses that will stand the test of time.

So, if you're ready to explore what you can build on your development site, and you're after design services guided by integrity, we might just be the perfect fit. We've been helping our clients achieve their design and property development goals for over fifteen years now, and we want to do the same for you.

Our success relies on finding the perfect harmony between these three key ingredients:

  • You and your needs

Budget, design requirements, development goals, family needs, and more.

  • Your block of land

Covenants, zoning, overlays, property size, orientation, slope, neighbourhood character, etc.

  • Our expertise and creativity

We take the time to get to know you so we can create innovative design solutions that address your needs.

What you can be sure of when you partner with us...
You’ll get a smart design that doesn’t break the bank

Your townhouses need to stand out to your ideal buyer, but still be in harmony with the surroundings. They need to be practical, yet creative. They need to be financially viable, yet not compromise environmental and well-being principles. They need to be spacious, and still offer privacy to each family member. They need to meet your needs and the council’s policies. We aim for the balance between these needs. Plus, we price our services fairly, so you can be sure you get value for your money. Our townhouse designs can and should be creative, efficient and financially viable. We partner with you to create homes that are thoughtful, comfortable, economical.

We give you all the tools you need to make informed decisions

You don’t need a degree in property development, but you do need to understand the process (costs, council’s expectations, design alternatives, etc), so you can navigate it calmly and effectively. And there is a lot to get your head around. But we’re on your side. There are no wrong questions, even if it’s the third time you’re asking the same thing. We’re patient in explaining every design solution, so you feel empowered to make informed decisions.

You'll feel heard

We listen more than we talk, because good architecture can only happen when we do. We ask a lot of questions because we value your opinions and input; your answers then make their way into our designs.

There is no ego in our approach to architecture

Yes, we’re immensely proud of our work and of the homes we design, but we’re driven by your needs and those of your prospective buyers. To us, you’re not just a project. We do our best work when we get to know you, understand you, and support your learning and empower you to make informed decisions for your development.

You’ll have the certainty of a stress-free council approval process

Our Design Feasibilities, pre-application meetings with council and our fixed price agreement, which includes all council requested changes, gives you certainty that we are doing our best to ensure you get the design you are after and the planning permit you need. Our council approval success rate is 100% - you’ll be working with a team experienced at navigating the town planning process seamlessly.

You won't have any surprises during the construction

We bring in-depth construction knowledge of building materials, construction methods, and engineering solutions, so our architectural solutions are cost effective and won't negatively impact the construction timeline. Not only that, but we’ll always give you considerate sustainable design options, so you can choose feature that suits your values and your budget. You’ll know exactly what to expect at the building stage.

Our Guiding Principles

Whether you’re about to embark on your first residential development project, or you’re a seasoned developer, we’re a good fit for you if you want to maximise the potential of your block, and are keen to do it in a way that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the design, of the environment, and respects the people that it impacts.

We specialise in multi unit development projects guided by a holistic approach

Our holistic design approach means we take everything into consideration: your budget and development goals, your individual needs, council's policies, sustainable design features, and more, and translate it into a design that enhances livability. We are at our happiest professionally when we can find the balance between all these elements.

We believe unit developments should be within everyone’s reach

However, just because you can, it doesn't mean you should. We help you work out if property development is right for you. We spend time getting to know you and your goals to help formulate a plan of approach.

We believe homes should be human-friendly

The spaces we live and work in are crucial to our wellbeing and have a direct impact on our minds. That’s why we design homes with privacy in mind, with cultural sensitivity for today’s multigenerational living arrangements, and promote spaces that enhance your wellbeing through simple solutions like thermal comfort, natural lighting and ventilation, storage solutions, and more.

We believe design should be approached with respect and collaboration

Design solutions work best when they have a respectful, collaborative partnership at the centre: the architect-client relationship. And when it carefully considers all the other elements: the context and neighbourhood, the council's policies and their concerns, and feedback from the builders on site.

We believe sustainability should be an integral part of the design

Not too long ago, sustainable architecture meant either unconventional materials or overblown budget, accessible to only a privileged few. That’s not the case today, and it’s not the case at Akay Architects.

We design multi unit developments in clever innovative ways to create highly environmentally sustainable buildings with minimal impact on the budget.

Sustainability is not just an important part of our legacy as architects; a sustainable building means long term savings for you, it means meeting the government’s requirements, and it ultimately means we all contribute to a sustainable future for our community. That’s our goal with every design.


There are many moving parts to the architectural process. We can help you take care of a good number of them. And where we can’t, we have a trusted network of professionals to recommend to you.

Here's how we can help:

Advisory Services

Any building process starts with a crucial first step: getting an architect’s expert opinion on the potential of your multi unit development.

Next is the Design Feasibility. This is arguably the most valuable investment in your development process. You’re paying to have expert eyes look over your property so you know exactly what's possible.

We research and investigation the site and its surroundings. Then, we design a number of concept plans for you to consider, taking into consideration all of our investigations. From there, you will be able to determine if the development is viable from an economic point of view.

Sometimes the Design Feasibility doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, but you’re not paying to hear that. You can save a lot of time, money and stress, and get ideas on how to maximise the potential of your site, which will empower you to make informed decisions.

Architectural Services

We believe good architecture is profitable, sustainable, and creative in how it meets the needs of the people living in them.

We design multi unit residential developments with function in mind. We start all our projects with listening deeply to your needs and vision. We listen beyond what’s said, and ask insightful questions. We then imagine layouts that capture the design features you envision, make efficient use of the space, provide privacy, and enhance the lives of people living in them.

Our designs flourish as it evolves while we navigate the planning process finding innovative ways to maintain the design intent.

Our architectural services start at the design stage and is finished once the project is ready for construction.

Our 4 step process to our Architectural Design Services
Step 1
Design Feasibility

The Design Feasibility is the research and investigation stage where we identify the constraints and potential challenges of your development.

We prepare a number of concept plans that help articulate the proposed development and establishes a clear vision for a way forward.

This forms the foundation of the development project.

Duration: Allow 2-4 weeks

Step 2
Schematic Design

We obtain a design brief from you about the spatial needs of your home and prepare a schematic design of the development site.

Once you are satisfied with the schematic design, more detailed information is provided and we may recommend a pre-application meeting with council to test some ideas that may cross into a grey area.

Duration: Allow 4-8 weeks
Step 3
Design Development

The design is refined to address any of council’s initial concerns while we incorporate the ideas communicated in the specialist reports to finalise the plans for the town planning application.

Council will advertise the application to the neighbours to allow them an opportunity to voice their concerns and then they will finalise their assessment and make a decsion.

Duration: Allow 4-6 weeks

Allow a further 4-8 months for the town planning process

Step 4
Working Drawings

This is where we prepare the working drawings and detail how the construction will be assembled while demonstrating how the building will be protected from fire, water, noise, heat, cold and condensation.

The engineer prepares the soil test, structural design and civil plans while we arrange any other documentation required for the building permit.

Duration: Allow 8-12 weeks

Specialised Services

Our specialised services complement the architectural design, and integrate other key elements, such as the town planning objectives, landscape design, energy efficiency and sustainable design inititives, with the overall design. For you, this means a more harmonious design, where all the interconnected parts come together seamlessly, saving you time and money while reducing the chances for errors, omissions and duplications.

Town Planning Assessments
Landscape Plans
Energy Rating
Sustainable Design Assessments

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